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What Is Blockchain?

How Does Blockchain Work?

Blockchain is an innovative technology consisting of a decentralised public ledger, designed to manage the transfer of value and assets without the need for a third party or central authority. In other words, a blockchain is simply a complete record – or a database – of all transactions and balances in a given system. This database exists on multiple computers at the same time. New records that are added to it are known as “blocks”. All blocks are timestamped and contain a link to the previous block, forming a chain – a blockchain.

Assets in a blockchain can be physical – such as medical records, legal documents, or even things like houses – or something that only exists in digital form, such as cryptocurrency. Once they are in a blockchain, records are permanent, unalterable and visible to everyone participating in the blockchain system.

What Is the Future of Blockchain?

Blockchain was first used back in 2008 as the public transaction ledger for Bitcoin. Since that time, many more applications of the technology have been tried and tested, helping companies across industries simplify previously complex tasks – from data management to regulatory compliance. Coca-Cola, Walmart, and the United Nations, for example, are now using blockchain technology to manage their supply chains, while HM Land Registry in the UK is developing a blockchain solution to revolutionise land registration and the property buy-sell process.

Blockchain will soon be a business imperative and will transform the way every industry manages its data and information.

Chainlify Your World


Chainlify is constructing a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform designed to streamline every aspect of blockchain application development.

We provide a suite of tools and services enabling our members to get up and running and ready to start developing next-generation applications.

Our vision is to advance Blockchain Project Development into an easily accessible technology for both individuals and organisations.

Blockchain Community

Chainlify provides a place where members can collaborate, share knowledge, and explore open source technologies being developed on our platform.

We offer a wide range of community-oriented tools and systems with a goal of fostering a community which caters for both experienced blockchain developers and those who are new to the technologies.

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Key Features

Blockchain Networks

Public and private blockchain networks ready to deploy at the click of a button.

Guided setup, including strategic consultation where we will help you make the right choice over which network will be best for your project.

Intuitive onboarding tools allow you to easily expand and scale your network(s) with new members.

Full support for tethered network setups, such as the Ethereum mainnet.

Identity Management

Securely manage blockchain identities and credentials, such as wallet addresses and private keys.

Integrate blockchain identities with traditional user systems to move easily into using blockchain in your existing projects.

Secure integration of existing software with blockchain technology.

Smart Contract Builder

A full suite of tools with easy-to-use Graphical User Interfaces to start creating smart contracts for your application.

No previous blockchain experience necessary.

Intuitive interface allows new blockchain developers to learn the technology as they build.

Smart Contract Management

Manages the deployment, upgrades, and migrations for all smart contract lifecycles.

Complete set of tools to update, edit and interact with deployed smart contracts.

Exploring Blockchain Data

Interfaces for users to easily explore the data sorted in their blockchain networks.

Monitoring, Benchmarking and Testing

Real-time alerts and notifications keep users informed of events in their blockchain projects, allowing them to identify and fix issues easily as they occur.

Benchmarking and testing tools to analyse and test networks and projects ready to optimise and scale.

Container Management

Chainlify integrates with both Kubernetes and Docker, enabling users to utilise industry standard systems for managing deployments.

Support for multiple cloud hosting providers.

Tools to manage all aspects of your project in one place – not just the blockchain elements.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Automate testing, deployment, management and scaling.

A pipeline system to control how the automated integration and delivery of the project is handled.

Integrations with external CI and CD systems, such as Jenkins.


Support for Kubernetes and Docker means users can manage applications.

Support for all types of containerised applications and services, including Single Page Applications, LAMP Stacks, etc.


Simplify the way you integrate and interface your application with your blockchain network with our APIs.

Support for multiple API protocols, including HTTP REST, JSONRPC, GraphQL, etc.

Customise APIs to add custom business logic using whichever programming language you choose.

Bridge between multiple blockchain networks easily.


Buy, share, and sell smart contracts and other resources in the Chainlify community marketplace.

Obtain packages and bundles from Chainlify or other Chainlify members for free, via subscriptions, or one-off purchases.

Packages contain various setups of features provided within the Chainlify Blockchain-as-a-Service offering, including blockchain networks, smart contracts, customised APIs, and applications.

Promote Yourself and Your Project

Make yourself known in the Chainlify community by creating a Profile Page, which is visible to other Chainlify members.

Promote your skills, your projects and your networks via your profile.

Expand your network and gain valuable feedback by creating Project Pages where other members can ask questions and leave comments.

Articles, Guides and Tutorials

Learning resources and articles along with community guides and tutorials provide our members with everything they need to learn blockchain.

Publish your own content to share your ideas, increase your profile, and engage with your network.

Team Management Tools

An extensive suite of management tools, allowing project leaders to manage their team members, set permissions, monitor activity and control what members can and can’t do on various projects.


Invite followers and members to join sub-communities within your Chainlify network.

Follow the projects of other users and organisations.

View a personalised feed of events taking place in your community and sub-communities.

Find Developers

Find the right developers with the right skills, experience and expertise to work on your next project.

Find Work

Advertise yourself as being available for hire and land exciting blockchain opportunities at visionary companies.

Learn Chainlify

Access Chainlify’s documentation site, detailing all aspects of using the Chainlify platform and the various supporting networks.

Learn from articles, guides and tutorials walking you step-by-step through the Chainlify platform, its features, and how to make the most of the Chainlify community.

Seamless Onboarding

Multiple methods for onboarding new members to your blockchain projects and networks.

Initiation and request based onboarding for private/permissioned networks.

One-click joining system gives users a fast and easy way to join existing networks.

Members joining a network have full control over how and where their connected nodes are managed and hosted.

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