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The future is now. Blockchain will soon be disrupting the business world in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago. From finance and insurance to healthcare, entertainment and government – blockchain is poised to transform the way every industry manages its data and information.

Stay ahead of the game with Chainlify’s powerful Blockchain-as-a-Service platform. Built from the ground up to allow organisations to design, develop and deploy blockchain applications quickly and easily, start realising the many benefits that blockchain can bring to your business processes today.


Greater transparency means greater efficiency and tighter security. As a distributed public ledger, blockchain delivers immediately on all fronts. How? Because all participants on a blockchain network share the exact same data and documents rather than maintaining separate copies individually. This provides unprecedented accountability and transparency into all transactions that take place across the network.

Once they are in a blockchain, records are permanent, unalterable and visible to everyone participating in the blockchain system. Falsifying one record would require the alteration of all subsequent records and the orchestrated collusion of the entire network. As such, blockchain ensures the highest levels of data integrity, accuracy and consistency at all times.


The structure and design of blockchain systems makes it extremely difficult for hackers to compromise blockchain data. Transactions must be agreed upon by all members before they are recorded and become part of the blockchain. Once approved, each transaction is then encrypted and linked to the previous transaction, with the information stored across a network of computers, rather than on a single server.

A blockchain is impossible to alter once formed. This inherent immutability means that organisations can share critical information without risk of fraud or unauthorised activity.


Every time information is changed on a blockchain it leaves a traceable, digital trail, allowing organisations to see exactly what changes were made, when and by whom. With easy access to this complete historical transaction data, organisations can verify the authenticity of every single record and asset.

Complete traceability is beneficial in-house as well as throughout the supply chain. Audit trails allow organisations to trace exactly where an asset came from – and everywhere it stopped along its journey – improving security and helping to prevent fraud, theft and loss of goods. With blockchain, the supply chain is more transparent than ever before.

Efficiency and Speed

Blockchain completely eliminates the need for third-party mediation – a time-consuming process that is prone to human error. While traditional, paper-based processes rely on multiple ledgers being reconciled by multiple parties, blockchain utilises a single digital ledger that is shared among participants, reducing clutter and the endless back-and-forth.

Automation eradicates the risk of error, while the distributed nature of the digital ledger provides a single, fully-visible place to store transactions so that everyone has immediate access to the same information. This both streamlines processes such as clearing and settlement and instils greater trust between participants who no longer have to rely on numerous intermediaries.

Reduced Costs

Reducing costs is a top priority for most businesses. With blockchain, organisations can realise huge savings by eliminating the reliance on middlemen for mediation. Blockchain means that trading partners can start trusting each other unreservedly, because everyone has access to the exact same data, so no fees need to be paid to a third party or centralised authority to validate a transaction.

With blockchain, there is also less documentation involved with the validation process. Because all parties have access to a single, transparent and immutable version of records, organisations spend less money and time performing administrative tasks.

Blockchain Challenges for Organisations

Lack of Blockchain Developers


Demand for software engineers with blockchain development skills is currently outstripping supply, leaving many organisations struggling to get their blockchain initiatives off the ground.

It also means that blockchain is a job seekers’ market. As such, starting a blockchain project is likely to incur costs for the organisation due to the high fees and salaries commanded by the shallow pool of blockchain developers.


Chainlify makes it easy for non-blockchain developers to work with and learn blockchain, without needing to become an “expert”.

The Chainlify platform manages and automates many aspects of blockchain development, reducing the range of skills a developer needs to have.

Our smart contract builder allows developers to learn smart contracting programming whilst they’re building useful tools for your organisation to implement.

The Chainlify Marketplace allows experienced blockchain developers to share smart contracts and other resources with organisations who lack blockchain experts.

Chainlify provides a rich archive of learning resources, community guides and tutorials to give members everything they need to start working with blockchain.

Choosing Blockchain Technologies Is Complex


There is a huge number of different blockchain networks and protocols available to organisations looking to launch a blockchain project.

The sheer range of options makes the process of evaluating and ultimately selecting the correct technology for a project a complex operation in and of itself.


Chainlify guides developers throughout the network selection process based on the specific requirements of the project.

Our extensive range of guides, tutorials and community support enables organisations to make informed choices over which technologies are best suited to individual project requirements.

Chainlify’s documentation site provides comprehensive details for how to use the Chainlify platform and the various supporting networks.

Chainlify provides strategic consultation and a guided setup service to ensure that your chosen network is configured correctly and fully functional.

Our intuitive onboarding tools allow you to easily expand and scale your network(s) with new members.

Moving to Blockchain Is Challenging


Moving from a legacy system to blockchain can be a huge task, potentially impacting many areas of an organisation as it transitions from traditional workflows to a streamlined and optimised blockchain system.

There are many risks involved whilst making the transition, as it is imperative that the new blockchain system is bug free and highly secure.


Chainlify makes the process simple by allowing organisations to progressively adopt blockchain without needing to migrate everything at once.

Our powerful platform provides many tools for organisations to integrate their existing systems with blockchain.

Chainlify enables organisations to trial their blockchain technology securely in a private setup before migrating to public/consortium networks.

Trials allow organisations to test, evaluate and improve their blockchain solutions with minimal risk and exposure.

Real-time alerts and notifications keep users informed of events in their blockchain projects, allowing them to identify and fix issues easily as they occur.

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