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Chainlify is an all-in-one solution designed to solve the challenges developers face when working with blockchain technologies.

Discover tools, guides, learning resources and a thriving community of visionary developers designing, experimenting and working together at the forefront of the blockchain revolution.

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Learn Blockchain

It started with Bitcoin, but Blockchain is more than cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology is the foundation of a new way of conducting all types of transactions, securing networks and recording the validity and origin of data.

Join the Chainlify community to learn about the different types of blockchain technologies, the different types of blockchain networks, how blockchain can solve some of the biggest challenges facing industry and society today and become a part of the global blockchain movement building the solutions that will re-shape the future.

Build with Blockchain

As a member of the Chainlify community, you will have access to expert learning resources and industry-leading tools to start building the applications of the future, today.

Chainlify’s Blockchain-as-a-Service model provides the easiest and best platform to get you up and running rapidly, using coding languages you’re already familiar with, so you can create decentralised applications and smart contracts with ease.

Collaborate with Others

Chainlify isn’t just a platform, it’s a thriving community of developers, business owners and organisations. It’s a place where blockchain pioneers, visionary developers, industry disruptors and business transformers collaborate, share knowledge, and exchange services.

Create your personal profile to let others know about your skills, ideas and what you’re working on and then join teams and sub-communities and start collaborating on strategic projects together.

Blockchain Evolution

As the movement grows, the blockchain industry is changing constantly. New developments are being announced all the time, new companies are launching and more and more organisations are exploring new ways to update their processes with blockchain.

It’s an exciting time for blockchain. Stay up to date with what’s new and where the breakthroughs are coming from as blockchain continues to evolve at breakneck speed.

Automate Your Blockchain

When it comes to any type of application development, the more you can automate, the more you can get done. With Chainlify, you can automate testing, deployment, management and scaling, so you spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time building solutions.

Automation reduces the risk of human error, helping to ensure consistency, adherence to processes and accuracy every step of the way.

Blockchain Challenges – Chainlify Solutions

Where to Start?


There are so many different blockchain networks, protocols and systems that it’s difficult for developers new to blockchain to know where to begin.

What resources do you need? What are the basics? What is the philosophy behind blockchain? Which technologies do I need to learn to get started?


Chainlify provides new developers with comprehensive learning resources, guides and tutorials to get you off to a flying start on your blockchain journey.

Our platform and thriving community help you learn as you build, with on-hand support and guidance to enable you to make informed choices about which technologies to learn and develop with.

How to learn?


Demand for blockchain talent is outstripping supply, but a lack of accessible and affordable educational resources has historically prevented developers from learning more about it.

Blockchain technologies cover so many disciplines – programming, server management, security, networking, the list goes on. Many developers do not have all of these skills and so lack confidence in their ability to get to grips with the demands of blockchain development.


Our comprehensive guides, tutorials and learning resources provide developers with everything they need to gain an in-depth understanding of blockchain mechanics, networks and use cases.

The Chainlify platform manages many aspects of blockchain development – including networking, server management and security – allowing you to focus on entirely on programming.

Time Consuming


Learning new technologies takes time – a luxury that many developers simply cannot afford.

How complicated is blockchain development? How long will it take to learn the basics? How long before I become fluent?

These questions put an end to many developers’ blockchain journeys before they’ve even begun.


Chainlify’s powerful Blockchain-as-a-Service platform provides developers with all the resources, support and tools they need to learn as they build.

Chainlify automates many aspects of the blockchain development process, allowing developers to spend more time focusing on programming and learning and less time on repetitive tasks.

Peace of Mind


With any new technology there is risk. For developers as yet inexperienced with blockchain, the thought of moving to a new, unfamiliar environment can be daunting.

Compounding the issue is a lack of curated resources to help developers find their way through the constantly evolving blockchain ecosystem, causing many to play it safe and stick to what they know best.


Chainlify is here to demystify blockchain programming and assist developers every step of the way as they embark on their blockchain journey.

Developers can rely on our platform – our services, tools and pipelines – as well as our burgeoning community of blockchain experts whenever they encounter issues in their projects. Chainlify offers comprehensive support to all members whilst they learn and develop with blockchain.

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Guided Setup

Quick-start guide for developers with full support to help you make the right network and technology choices for your project.

Multiple Networks & Protocols

Public and private blockchain networks ready to deploy at the click of a button. Support for multiple protocols, including HTTP REST, JSONRPC, and GraphSQL.

Smart Contract Builder

Smart tools with Graphical User Interfaces to create and manage smart contracts for your application.

Automated Deployments

Deploy applications to testing and production environments with one push of a button.

APIs, Events, & Realtime

Easily interface your application with your blockchain network with our APIs. Get real-time alerts to respond instantly to events in your blockchain network.

Blockchain Community

Join teams and sub-communities to share knowledge, ask questions and collaborate on strategic projects.


Secure integrations with external CI and CD systems, such as Jenkins.


Buy, share, and sell blockchain packages and bundles from Chainlify and our community members in the Chainlify Marketplace.

Tools & SDKs

Access an extensive range of powerful tools and comprehensive software development kits (SDKs) easily via the Chainlify platform.

Team Management Tools

Manage team members, monitor activity, set permissions and control what individuals can and can’t do as they work on your projects.

Multiple Clouds

Full support for multiple cloud hosting providers.

Guides, Tutorials and Documentation

Learn blockchain with comprehensive guides and tutorials, and access Chainlify’s documentation site to learn all aspects of using the Chainlify platform.