Development Update

Development Update

It has been a very productive few months for Chainlify. The team has been very busy, as usual, and we have been delighted to finally showcase our first Alpha release for the Chainlify Platform.

Whilst our current release is already making blockchain easier and more accessible for developers, this is only a glimpse into our vision for the future.

Our team has been pushing forward on our journey towards beta. We have many new and exciting features which will be making their way into the platform over the coming weeks.

Developers will soon be able to test out our brand new Identity Vault, which will facilitate federated management of crypto wallets and accounts for both private and public blockchain networks. Developers will have full control of where their crypto identities are stored and can have peace of mind as our vault keeps identities secure using military grade encryption and industry standard authentication protocols. Utilising our suite of identity tools will provide superior control over crypto identities for new projects whilst also enabling existing systems seamless integration with new blockchain technologies.

Our team have also been hard at work ensuring the Chainlify Platform's Ethereum support is ready for the transition to Ethereum 2.0 which will abandon the slow and costly Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm in favour of a Proof-of-Stake setup which will have a 2x magnitude smaller impact on the environment, whilst also providing a highly scalable blockchain which is ready for the future.

As we move closer to beta, we will be releasing new and exciting features to our members to try out and incorporate into their projects. As always we value our communities feedback and look forward to seeing how our Platform can be improved.

We would like to thank all our backers for supporting the Chainlify Project. We are excited to continue our journey through this ever growing Blockchain ecosystem.

By Carl Craig on 06 July, 2021

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