Chainlify Update

Chainlify Update

It seems hard to believe that Chainlify is now half way through its fourth year since inception. As those who have already joined us will know, the company began life after we realised that developers and businesses wishing to transition to the new and game changing Blockchain Technology were not at all supported by online resources.

Blockchain Technology based programming is a complex beast and successful project completion can seem uncertain and full of risks. It is this, more than any other aspect, that dissuades developers and businesses from engaging with it. For companies with successful established legacy systems the risks of transitioning outweigh the current anticipated advantages. However, those seeking to gain advantage over competition will soon jump and this will in turn force the more cautious to follow in order not to be left behind. Our Platform will be the portal facilitating the transition.

Development Update

The development of the Chainlify Platform is continuing apace and we will soon be transiting to Beta phase. In addition we have also achieved a major milestone in integrating the CFY token directly into the platform along with developing our own Token Sale Platform (TSP) software. Our software completely outperforms the Token Sale software we purchased and which never performed as advertised. This major milestone is a critical step enabling us to further develop the marketplace and community features that are central to the Chainliverse. Our newly launched TSP software improves the journey for members looking to back the Chainlify project and rewards those introducing new token purchasers to the company. As before, all token sale proceeds will be fed back into the company to expand development resources increasing the platform’s functionality.

As mentioned above, Chainlify’s platform will soon be progressing into beta where we will expand our testing to many more users, and carefully listen to feedback from developers using the platform. Built into the platform is market leading Smart Contract software which will significantly lower the skill set “bar” enabling less experienced developers to work with smart contracts. This will encourage uptake by developers and businesses alike.

Team Update

During 2021 Chainlify established an office in tech friendly Malta and incorporated Chainlify Malta. This in no way affects the running or aims of the company but will provide a suitable base for continued operations should the UK introduce restrictive regulations impacting the tech sector.

We would also like to congratulate our Founder Glyn Craig on successfully completing an MIT program on Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application. This achievement will be a great asset to the Chainlify Team.

We acknowledge that on the surface 2021 may have appeared quiet but behind the scenes much progress has been achieved and we believe 2022 will be the year that Chainlify emerges into the light.

Artwork by Shai Craig

By Carl Craig, CEO on 20 January, 2022

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