Transparent Tokenomics? - Chainlify’s simple, sustainable, autotrophic ecosystem is the answer

Transparent Tokenomics? - Chainlify’s simple, sustainable, autotrophic ecosystem is the answer

Chainlify’s simple, sustainable, autotrophic ecosystem is the answer.

Without sustainability and the creation of value, any financial system is doomed to failure. This is equally true for any Blockchain ecosystem served by its own cryptocurrency.

Sustainability really depends upon the relevance and durability of the product at the centre of the ecosystem. The product or service must achieve sufficient patronage to ensure longevity by making possible the evolution which will ensure continued market relevance. Failure to do so would lead to obsolescence and consignment to history. The evolutionary growth of the product would be in response to changing user-driven requirements, as well as technological advances.

The product led blockchain ecosystem would quickly seek to develop a community of stakeholders performing any number of diverse functions. When we look at Chainlify’s Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform we see the main body of stakeholders being formed from developers and end-user businesses. Both stakeholder sub-sets would be encouraged and incentivised to participate in numerous facets of the community such as the marketplace where goods and services could be purchased/sold/traded.

Developers using our intuitive platform’s toolbox would be able to start their own projects with minimum delay. Further, in addition to the income they derive from their own projects developers that place software they have developed onto the open-source area of the platform will receive a revenue share. This will be paid to them directly by Chainlify and sourced from the subscriptions received from the user when the user is a paying member. Conversely, any end-user that uses material sourced from the open-source area will similarly engage in the revenue share scheme benefitting the software’s developer.

The various Community-based facets of the Chainlify ecosystem will provide opportunities for stakeholders to earn/create value and spend it. The currency of choice within our ecosystem will be the Chainlify Utility Token (CFY). CFY will provide a simple and expedient medium for end to end transactions within the Community market. Our token will also enable the user to contribute to a value-adding action for the Chainlify market with ease. All value-creating actions will be recognised and rewarded in line with our revenue share policy. A further benefit of this is that the creation of any value which causes the value of CFY to rise will effect equitable redistribution to all CFY stakeholders.

This then means that action by the developer (active work) can deliver monetizable rewards within the community setting. We also believe that as the Chainlify Community evolves the growth of further user-led monetizable opportunities will grow with it. The agnostic basis of our platform, which will allow it to interface with large cloud-based hosts, means that developers are free to roam in a truly global market.

Following its launch (scheduled Q2 2020), access to the subscription sections of our Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform will be purchased with CFY or FIAT currency. In order to encourage the use of CFY within the community Chainlify will offer discounts for goods and services along with expedited service opportunities to those paying in CFY.

For Blockchain Technology to develop at a much needed faster rate access for developers to engage needs to be made easier and more affordable. Our platform will lower the entry-level skill set requirements and our open source area will help speed up projects whilst at the same time lowering their cost. We believe that a Blockchain-based ecosystem built upon an autotrophic community-based Market with Open Source Forum makes for straightforward and sustainable Utility Tokenomics, which will benefit all stakeholders.

By Glyn Craig on 23 September, 2019

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