Blockchain as a Service by Chainlify

...announcement coming soon!

At Chainlify, we have some very exciting Blockchain news to announce and we expect to do so by the end of July 2018!
...and yes, we will have a proper website too of course, our designers are busy working their magic, but for now, everything surrounding the project, including the logo, the design and all the branding is all secret, so shhhh!
...In the meantime, just know that Chainlify will be announcing a brand new Blockchain as a Service platform (also known as BaaS) like you've never seen before! We're certain that our service will be of great interest to you if you're anything like us and have an interest in anything that is Blockchain related.
By the way, just checking, you know what Blockchain is right? You've heard of names like Bitcoin, Ethereum and maybe even EOS? Or maybe names such as Hyperledger Fabric or Lisk? Well the list goes on actually, but basically all these are names of different types of Blockchain networks created by different groups of very clever people.
Anyway as soon as our legal team allows us to lift the lid on this ever so exciting Blockchain as a Service project that we have been cooking for many months, we'll spill the beans and tell you all about Chainlify and our project as well as how you can get involved. But for now, please be patient while the whole team at Chainlify prepare to bring this awesome Blockchain news to you!

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We are absolutely serious when we say that if you are interested in Blockchain or are keen to find out more about this technology, then you absolutely NEED to know about Chainlify! So sign-up and check back here soon!

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