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Blockchain as a Service

We believe that blockchain development needs to become easier, more accessible, and more intelligent.

Chainlify makes blockchain more accessible so that more people can become developers and existing developers can spend more time focussing on the unique problems they are trying to solve.

Our Solution

Chainlify is an all-in-one solution to those who wish to utilise blockchain technology within their applications.

Chainlify is a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform skillfully designed to streamline every aspect of blockchain development.

Chainlify is a community focused around blockchain technologies, a place where members collaborate, share knowledge, and exchange services.


Blockchain as a Service


A selection of the most popular blockchain networks available to deploy at a click of a button.

Smart Contract

A range of tools and resources to manage and create smart contracts for your application.


A smart and easy way to interface your application with your blockchain network.


Automated deployment of resources to your chosen hosting provider.



Buy, share, and sell smart contracts and other platform resources.

Open Source

Open source projects to promote learning and knowledge sharing.


Collaboration tools to help both individuals and organisations to work together.


Articles, guides, and tutorials to promote learning.


Carl Craig
Chief Exective Officer
Carl is a highly skilled web technology specialist. With his in-depth industry experience, knowledge... read more
Loki Wijnen
Chief Technical Officer
Loki is a full stack web solutions developer with over 12 years experience in the development of... read more
Glyn Craig
Founder, Business Strategy & Finance
Glyn understands the needs of business and how blockchain technology will become an integral part... read more
Jon Percy
Chief Legal Officer
Jon brings over ten years’ experience gained both in big law firms and in-house. He has worked... read more
Kellie Forbes
Business Development Executive
Founder and Sales Director 8 years media executive at top London agencies... read more
Ashleigh Simonelli
Senior Developer
Ashleigh is an IT perfectionist with a particular interest in modern web technologies and... read more
Theresa Davis
Lead Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
Theresa has close to 30 years experience in operation and management of server... read more
Mike Onslow
Senior Front-End Developer
Specialising in front end development, Mike has a great understanding of what is needed to get a product... read more
Helen Bennett
Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
With a background in defence and astronomical research Helen has an attention to detail that... read more
Pernilla Craig
Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Pernilla experience with machine learning and autonomous systems are a huge asset to Chainlify... read more

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